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Disneyland Paris Apologizes After An Employee Ruined Marriage Proposal


Disneyland Paris Apologizes After An Employee Ruined Marriage Proposal

Wouldn’t it be great if Disney hosted the couple’s wedding as compensation?

Disneyland Paris has tendered a public apology after an employee ruined a marriage proposal at the theme park. It’s unclear if the area was strictly off-limits for such a moment, or perhaps the employee was just trying to find a better spot for the gesture, but of course, his timing was horrendous. 

In a short video making rounds online, a man was seen kneeling on one knee about to pop the big question in the front of the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle. 

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But before he could finish the proposal to his significant other, a Disneyland staff member ran over and abruptly snatched the ring box from his hand. The employee then redirected the couple to capture the moment on a different platform, saying: “Yes, that’s great, but it’ll be even better over here.” 

The employee seems to have a good intention, but his action eventually resulted in boos from onlookers. 

via iamatotalpieceofsh*t/Reddit

Shortly after the bizarre momentNewsweek reported a Disney spokesperson addressed the situation and apologized. “We regret how this was handled. We have apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right,” their statement read. Despite the apology, many have since slammed the staff member for intervening. 

One person commented: “If this were me, I wouldn’t have even known they were an employee. I would have thought they were a [a thief] because they just ripped a diamond ring out of my hands.”

via iamatotalpieceofsh*t/Reddit

Another said: “Unbelievable. Bad manners and awful representation of the company he works for.” A third added: “Disney must pay him a good amount of money to taint people’s magical moments.” A fourth went on: “Why didn’t the cast member stop them before he got down on one knee, and the cast member should have said sorry guys you can’t propose here instead of taking the man’s ring!!! That’s insane to me.”

Someone blamed the cringe incident on the man staging the proposal in public. They said: “That’s why you propose in private. You won’t look like a simp in public and you don’t have to worry about others running your unnecessary spectacle.” 

via iamatotalpieceofsh*t/Reddit

However, a Disney employee handbook found online from 2016 specifies that employees are likely to face discipline or even immediate termination if conduct toward employees’ managers, colleagues, or any person with whom they come in contact while performing work for the Company is unprofessional and disrespectful and discourteous. 

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