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10 Most Unique Marriage Proposals That You Possibly Won’t Be Able To Say ‘No’ To

10 Most Unique Marriage Proposals That You Possibly Won’t Be Able To Say ‘No’ To

It seems there are knights in our time.

There’re thousands of ways to propose to the love of your life. The most used approach is popping the question “Will You Marry Me?” in a hot air balloon or spelling it out with classic rose petals and candle lights. But then, being creative with your marriage proposal will remain memorable and possibly will be the talk of a town for years. While some people have taken this ritual responsibly, a few have added a fair amount of humor

Love is a magical thing! And if your partner is to say “YES” to your proposal, the chances that their reason for doing so can be based on just how epic your proposal idea is. From the Ice cream proposal to the Literary proposal, these marriage proposals [compiled below] will make you possibly realize that the fantastic thing you’ve been planning to do is probably not unique as you think. But then, our list should inspire you to do more. Have a look!

The Board Game Proposal.

1 13

This woman had a card with the inscription: “Marry Me,” which she had to draw. She only realized it wasn’t a game when her partner brought out a ring from his pocket and went down on one knee to pop the big question. She couldn’t help but say the word YES.

The Ice Cream Proposal.

Luke Munsterteiger ordered special ice cream for his GF as a marriage proposal. On the box, Luke had emojis he and Else often texted each other and the inscription: “Will You Marry Me?” She also found a treat specially made for her in a supermarket.

The Tattooed Proposal.

3 15
Brooke Wodark/

When Brooke Wodark started tattooing the leg of her BF Vinnie Capaldo-Smith, she stumbled on the inscription that read: “Will You Marry Me” and two variants of the answer. Without holding back, Brooke gladly tattooed the cross in the YES square.

The GPS Tracker Proposal.

4 8
Urban Pictionary/

Ben Chudley is an avid runner, and so he created a complex multi-kilometer route, displayed on the GPS tracker in the form of the words “Will You Marry Me?” Just when he showed the screenshot to his GF, Olivia, accompanying it with a wedding ring, she couldn’t resist saying a YES.

The Dance Proposal.

Phil Wright and his GF, Ashley, have a common interest, and that’s DANCING. So he capitalized on this and decided to propose to his GF during a dance. It was quite an emotional moment, and the witnesses were literally over the moon for the couple.

The Beluga Whale Proposal.

6 7

This guy from Chicago had a white whale from a local aquarium as an assistant for his proposal. The animal brought forth a box with a note inside, which read: “Will You Marry Me?” As his GF read through, he also brought out the ring, and indeed, there was a YES answer.

The Literary Proposal.

7 5

Paul Philips, an American-based, made an illustrated book about his relationship with GF Erika Romos. He hid the surprise in a local library and took Erika there. As she glances through the photos of the illustrated book, she stumbled on Paul’s proposal and happily said YES.

The Starbucks Proposal.

Austin Mann and Esther Havens hardly see themselves due to constant travels, but they often leave notes for each other at the airport’s Starbucks coffee house. One of the notes Esther eventually found in Amsterdam Airport was followed by a proposal, which she said a big YES to.

The Telescope Proposal

9 5

Guess the stars had predicted this marriage! However, this man [pictured] made a lens for the telescope with the inscription: Will You Marry Me?” and asked his GF to look at the moon. It’s safe to say this is juicily creative. 

The Harry Potter Proposal.

10 5

This man opted for a thematic quest hinged on Harry Potter. His GF is a huge fan of the movie, and she had explained that after her BF took the mask off, he asked her to be his wife, and she said Yes, but then ugly cried. 

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