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Captain Proposed Beautiful Air Hostess In The Plane During Flight


Captain Proposed Beautiful Air Hostess In The Plane During Flight

Love was in the air as the captain of a flight pulled one of the most romantic proposals with his pretty air hostess.

The aspiration of most relationships is getting to that day the big question pops up. For most ladies it like a dream come true when they have been in love with a guy for some time and he is able to man up with the big question of “would you marry me?”

The joy and excitement that accompanies this scenario has no limit, first for the lady and then for the guy. This was the case for this gorgeous air hostess as she was on her regular duty of attending to the flight passenger with other hostesses.

The Captain whom she has known for some time and have even shared a kiss with stepped into the cabin with an unusual announcement. This got the pretty air hostess anxious of what the captain was up to, and when he popped up the big question of “Will You Marry Me?” you can surely guess the air hostess would have been blushing for jo and excitement.

Just as expected, the lady screamed “Yes I Will” and the whole passengers on the plane cheered them up with many taking pictures and videos of the romantic moment.

The captain and the air hostess got into some nice and romantic kissing moments while the aircraft passengers continued cheering and snapping.

The air hostess had her suspicion that something may happen as her pilot boyfriend made an unusual announcement

Truly, there was a surprise waiting for the pretty lady as her captain boyfriend knelt down to propose to her

As expected the pretty screamed yes to his proposal

With the Co-pilot taking over the flight, the captain had some good time with his girlfriend as the passengers cheered them with some taking pictures and making videos

And the flight captain gave his pretty girlfriend an engagement ring

The two lovers got into kissing and romantic moments as the passengers kept cheering them

Positive reactions from her colleagues and the passengers thrilled the air as she gave a positive answer. It was evident these two would make good couples

How would you describe the most memorable proposal you have ever experienced?

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