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Students In Japan Host Virtual Graduation Ceremony In Minecraft After School Cancellation


Students In Japan Host Virtual Graduation Ceremony In Minecraft After School Cancellation

Have you experienced a similar ceremony in an online game?

The covid-19 outbreak has undeniably forced a halt for the world. And while modern technological developments allow us to continue living our daily lives – grocery shopping, going to the office, getting in contact with people, among others – it’s no longer a possibility to engage in any public occasion or is it?

In view of the viral outbreak, schools in Japan, including many other places have been closed for the past two weeks, and are likely to continue to be closed at the end of March after the spring break. This means that all activities related to the school, conferences, concerts and, most notably, graduation, will also be canceled.

The Coronavirus Has Forced The Whole World To A Complete Halt


Well, a group of elementary school students chose not to let their significant opportunity pass without a proper celebration and chose to improvise a solution. While they couldn’t have an official graduation ceremony at their school, in the digital realm — in Minecraft — they officially had one.

On March 14, 2020, tweets by user backyennew surfaced on the internet, showing his participating in virtual elementary school graduation, put together by him and his friends.

The Students Are Exceptional. They Decided To Organize Their Graduation Ceremony In Minecraft


It Was Carried Out In Response To All Schools & Their Events Being Cancelled In Japan


‘What are you all doing? We all agreed to have a graduation ceremony together. Awesome. The elementary students are gathered to begin graduation themselves.’ The caption reads.

The Ceremony Had A Full-Blown Auditorium With Host, Speeches & The Giving Of Certificates


On-Going Viral, The Tweet Explained It’s Bright News That SHINES In A Gloomy Social Situation


A Parent Shared Information About His Son Participating In The Virtual Graduation On Twitter

The Video From The Virtual Graduation!

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