Employees Working From Home Share Hilarious Pics Of Pets Becoming 'New Colleagues'

Employees Working From Home Share Hilarious Pics Of Pets Becoming ‘New Colleagues’

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Employees from across the globe, who work from home in a bid to avoid the spread of coronavirus, are uploading photos of their bemused pets infiltrating their workplace.

Taking to Twitter, Rae Paoletta from New York, who shared a picture of her cat giving her an intense look, with a caption that reads: ‘Help, I think my new colleague is planning to eat me,’ kicked off the viral thread.

She was quickly flooded with thousands of other users ‘ replies fighting to keep their dogs, rabbits and even rats off their keyboards.

Some people hilariously joked their dogs couldn’t understand why their owners weren’t throwing a ball while others said their cats had become their new telephone assistants.

The viral thread came up as studies by standing desk supplier Vari.com found it’s not all fun and games, with over 40 percent of people working from home admitting they don’t like the pressure while working an additional 1-2 hours a day with a feeling to impress and prove their worth.

Specifically, the research found 25% working more hours from home as compared to when in the office, revealing it can largely affect both their personal and family life.

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#1 Where’s The Word-Document, I Want To Type!

#2 You See Your Computer, I’m In Charge Of The Telephone!

#3 Give Me The Attention Too

#4 Let Me See How You Will Work From Home Today!

#5 Don’t Stress Yourself Owner, I Will Do The Task!

#6 Let’s Do The Script Thing Together, I Am Good At It Too

#7 Momma, Your 100% Attention Is Needed!

#8 Who Else Will I Play Hide-And-Seek With?

#9 Hooray! It’s The Resting & Playing Week

#10 Before Anything Else, It’s ME First!

#11 Can You Ignore My Stare? No, You Can’t

#12 Can I Get Some Cuddles, It’s Time I Sleep

#13 Playing Around Is Work For Me, Join In Now!

#14 No Work! No Work!!

#15 Here Again, It’s Me First Before The Laptop!