Two employees of Microsoft are positive with covid-19 virus.

Microsoft Has Two Employees With Covid-19 And Promises Full Paycheck With Less Working Hours

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A company representative has revealed that two of its employees are positive in contracting the Covid-19. One of them works in the headquarter of Microsoft located in Redmond, Washington. The other is a remote LinkedIn worker. Currently, the two of them have been quarantined.

The spokesperson said, “We are working closely with local public health authorities to provide the necessary support for our colleagues and their co-workers.”

Previously, Microsoft has ordered that their workers work remotely through March 25 and this remains unchanged. On a separate case, Google has also told its employees of the Bay Area to work from home. In addition, they have also cancelled a major conference, I/O, that gathers international partners.

Microsoft has also promised that non-employees who have been working to provide support such as bus drivers and cafeteria workers are promised full paycheck despite the reduced working hours. With many of the employees requested to work remotely from home, these supportive roles were at risk of getting their pay reduced with fewer working hours.

Microsoft has almost announced that they don’t expect to reach their quarterly revenue goal in the business segment due to the coronavirus outbreak.