Stepmom Wants Her Fiancé To 'Get Rid' Of His Daughter, 4, Because She Looks Like Her Late Mom

Stepmom Wants Her Fiancé To ‘Get Rid’ Of His Daughter, 4, Because She Looks Like Her Late Mom

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You can’t convince someone that you don’t hate them, yet, not wanting them to be present in your life. Similarly, this woman can’t convince people she’s not a ‘bad person’ when she asked for help with ‘getting rid’ of her fiance’s 4-year-old daughter so their own future children won’t be outshined.


Really? You don’t want your stepchild to outshine your biological children like it’s some kind of a competition in a family?

The story was first shared under an Instagram post which was later screenshotted and shared in a spouse-shaming Facebook group, “CNTRL+ALT+DLT that Relationship.” We do believe that once you’re married, it means you are ready to be committed to your partner, no matter their weaknesses.

‘She gets on my damn nerves… I promise I am not a bad person.’

The woman, unidentified, explained, “My fiance has a 4-year-old daughter; her mother passed away when she was born. He’s been raising her on his own ever since he lost his wife.”

She continues to explain that she’s 7-month pregnant with a baby girl, and their wedding is set in 2022. However, in the image of the perfect happy family she had, the 4-year-old girl wasn’t included. In her own exact words, she said the 4-year-old girl ‘gets on my damn nerves.’

“For one, the Lil’ girl looks just like her mother, and having her around constantly reminds my fiance of his dead wife. Second, she is very attached to her daddy, and I’m afraid this is going to take away from my child’s bond with her father.”

“I promise I am not a bad person; I’m just trying to look out for my child and make sure she receives all her daddy’s attention without having her ‘older sister’ intervene. Please help!”


A spouse who is thinking about ‘getting rid’ of your kid screams nothing but ‘ABORT MISSION.’ She went as far as even considering to give up the girl for adoption when they’re both clearly more than capable of raising the girl.

People grew indignant at this request and blasted the evil stepmom.