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Couple Pressured Into Having A 2nd Child Wants To Put Baby Up For Adoption After Family Ghosted Them


Couple Pressured Into Having A 2nd Child Wants To Put Baby Up For Adoption After Family Ghosted Them

Are they wrong from considering this path?

We can’t take back any mistakes, but, on the other hand, what’s the right thing to do when you feel like having a child is the greatest regret of your life?

This question was what a woman asked herself after having a second child to appease her family who was initially upset for terminating her last pregnancy.

On the belief she would have their assistance after reaching a decision to go through with her pregnancy this time around, the mom gave birth to a 9-month-old son. Now, she reveals her family is nowhere to be found and presently struggling.

Could she be wrong if planning to give the boy up for adoption?

The Mom Revealed She Had Previously Terminated A Pregnancy After She & Husband Decided They Weren’t Ready For Baby No 2

Taking to Reddit to share her struggle in an anonymous post, the woman and her husband presently had one child when she got pregnant for the 2nd time eight months later. The timing, according to the woman wasn’t right, so together they reached an agreement to abort it at 15weeks.

‘We told nobody because my family is slightly anti-abortion. The only being I told was my sister, and that was a mistake in retrospect. She was understanding at that time, but I guess she flat out and told my mom.’ The woman explained.

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The truth did, however, put a strain on their cordial relationship. She added: ‘I eventually though we had reconciled and importantly have accepted our decision to terminate the pregnancy.’  

The Woman Began To Feel Immense Guilt For Disappointing Her Mom, Which Largely Influenced A Choice She Currently Regrets

Though she worried that her reason for getting pregnant would look “stupid” again, the reality was that she felt extremely guilty for letting her mother down.

‘The irrational part of me wanted to make it up to her, and to have another child was the irrational course of action. To my mother’s delight, I became pregnant again and my unreasonable thinking process was that I was making it up to her.’ The woman wrote on Reddit.

Things, however, didn’t turn out as planned. The pair had their second child and her family completely left their lives – Moved away, blocked their Facebooks and never spoke to them again.

The Mom-Of-Two Is Presently Miserable & Considering Giving Up Their 2nd Child For Adoption In A Bid To Fix Her Mistake

Giving The Woman A Second Opinion, Internet Users Couldn’t Hold Back As Many Revealed The Parents Were Completely Out Other Minds.

‘I cannot believe what I read here. Can you imagine how incredibly (expletive) it would be for the kids to do this? The kid would feel like she’d be disposed of just as her brother was. Have your tubes tied and use birth control. Also, get checked for [Postpartum Depression] because I really think you would have been bonded with your child.’ A user commented.

Another said: ‘”You used this kid as a pawn and now that it wasn’t working you just want to give it up?”

‘That’s not fair to the infant. Adoption is a good idea in many situations, but usually right after the child was born, not after nearly a year of familiarization.’ A third wrote.

Some Users Felt The Parent Aren’t Completely To Be Blamed, But Mom’s Family 

A fifth acknowledged that mom was not completely off track. ‘I’m just saying everybody makes mistakes. I believe she’s not the (expletive) one to give him up for adoption. It may be the better choice instead of blaming him for their mistakes later on.”

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