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Boy Attends Adoption Hearing With His Whole Kindergarten Supporting And It’s Beautiful


Boy Attends Adoption Hearing With His Whole Kindergarten Supporting And It’s Beautiful

He’s happy, that’s all that matters.

The world needs more beautiful moments like this. A 5-year-old Michael from Grand Rapids, Michigan was attending his adoption hearing on Thursday. Opening a new chapter in life always means a lot to all of us and Michael got the support he truly needs – his whole kindergarten came to cheer on him!


And so, his teacher, Mrs. McKee, his friends and his adoptive parents were there as he was declared to become the official adopted son of his foster parents. He has been living with them since Thanksgiving and now they’re a family.

This is just so wholesome and is probably the best thing ever.


It was Mrs. McKee, his teacher at Wealthy Elementary School, that suggested to have the whole classroom come and show support to him. She previously discussed with his mother and she agreed on this being a brilliant idea for Michael.


Even the court and judge gave him full support!


Michael’s parents also said that he loved the part where the judge asked his friends what they think about Michael. A number of them started giving lovely answers like, ‘I love Michael’ to ‘He’s my best friend.’ While holding up DIY stick with a heart-shaped paper on it.

Michael is visibly happy and delighted to see his friends there and supporting him.

Michael is just one among 135,000 other children who are adopted annually. It’s really beautiful to see couples and adults who are willing to take in children and give them love as if they were of their flesh and blood.

And they did not forget to finish it with a lovely group picture. Good for you, Michael!

Watch the full video below for the adoption party!

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