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30 Amazing Pics That Will Make You Feel Good


30 Amazing Pics That Will Make You Feel Good

Sometimes, all we need is a good news.

The world is so filled with hatred and bad news that those have turned into commodities. The headlines of newspapers are always talking about the next big bad thing to happen. Politics is always about hungry-power people doing controversial things, big tech companies infringing people’s privacy or just people being jerks in general.

Green Lemon doesn’t like how the world has turned into a place that picks on the fact our attentions are more focused on the bad things. Instead, we want more people to know about the positive things that have happened in this world.

1. Amazon tribe won against Big Oil’s bid in destroying millions of acres of rainforest.

2. Late mom spent the last 44 years making a birthday cake for the kid. Two months after she passed away, dad tried his best.


3. She remembers the love.

4. An elementary school bus driver asked and bought a gift for every kid on his bus.

Lake Highlands Elementary

5. ‘I made some arrangements.’

6. This gentleman right here.


7. Her mother passed away when she was 3 months old and they have no picture together, so an artist drew one for them.

Taghian for portraits

8. Someone is crushing on the Christmas light decoration.


9. This mare lost her foal while the foal lost her mother. Here they are together an hour later.


10. We’re a family.

Meet & Deep News

11. Kid visits grandma 4-5 times a day just to make sure she wakes up from all her naps.

Darrien Middleton

12. Dog walked up to a man having a bad day and sat on bench for pets. Now both are having a good day.


13. Aunt’s friends finalized the adoption of their 2 kids.


14. This man had dreams to become a hardcore gangster rapper.


15. George the Jack Russell from New Zealand saved five children from two pitbulls and got 2 posthumous medals.

People’s Network

16. A homeless man was rushed to the hospital in Brazil. Four street dogs he’s taken care of wait for him at the entrance of the hospital.

Cris Mamprim

17. Kate said, “Daddy, I have a twin!” My heart-


18. Good news from 2018: a fighter won.


19. These parents listening to the heart of their overdosed 23-year-old son transplanted into this man.


20. Daisy lost all her 7 puppies from fire and was always roaming around the location for her kids. Meanwhile somewhere else, there are 8 puppies who just lost their mom, so here they are, completing each other.

Daisy Woodruff,iwakeupwithtoday

21. 20-year homeless man is now London’s happiest bus driver.

Jeremy Selwyn

22. Dog rescue volunteer feels happy from seeing updates of the dogs.


23. Dad wears this precious tie 11 years later.

24. Duck used to come for food and now, she brings her babies, too.


25. Graduate student takes picture at the fruit field where they work.

Erica Alfaro

26. These young heroes saved their elderly neighbor during a house fire caused by the exhaust fan.


27. Big brother helps dad provide skin contact to premature twin siblings.

NINO Birth

28. Zeus, the service dog, brought two potatoes (owner doesn’t have any potatoes!).


29. This elderly woman with her sign almost every day.


30. A grandfather with vitiligo who makes children with the same skin condition dolls that represent them.


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