Simon Cowell And Duncan Bannatyne Slammed Mega-Rich Stars Over Their Pleas For Taxpayer Help While They Use Their Own Cash To Support Staff

Simon Cowell And Duncan Bannatyne Slammed Mega-Rich Stars Over Their Pleas For Taxpayer Help While They Use Their Own Cash To Support Staff

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Simon Cowell and Duncan Bannatyne have laid a killing blow to fellow celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Sir Richard Branson. Companies are not making profit and these millionaires have decided to use the taxpayers’ money to bail out their companies.

Branson did it to save his Virgin Atlantic meanwhile Victoria Beckham informed her 30 employees that they’re going to be put under Government job retention scheme for their mere £2,500 monthly salary.

Duncan Bannatyne does not like what he sees and went on a Twitter rage. His opinion stands that able people should be going to the bank, not the taxpayers, to keep their business afloat. The man has the net worth of £300million and has openly revealed he is going to the bank himself because that’s how ‘a viable business’ should act.


He did not forget to hit out at the fact that he’s put his Caribbean home as a collateral to save as many jobs as possible.

Branson later denies in his open letter to his staff that his taking out a commercial loan that is worth £500m for Virgin Australia. But he is still shamed by the public as he tried appealing for a bailout to save Virgin Atlantic instead of spending from his $4 billion assets.


The man founded Virgin Australia in 2000 and owns 10% of it with major parts owned by Singapore Airlines and Etihad Airways as well.

Branson has not been slammed only for this. He has also been quoted to have lived on British Virgin Islands for the past 14 years without having to pay tax. The 312th world’s richest man’s request for £710 million from the Australian government was rejected which led it to enter voluntary administration.

On the other hand, Simon Cowell appeared to have been paying 50 of his full-time workers at Syco production company who are stationed in London and Los Angeles. At the net worth of £385million, he has also donated £1.6m out of his own pocket to various cause that helps people in need.

The 60-year-old famous judge from the talent show is, however, not responsible for the pay of freelance staff that are hired for the show during this urgent pause.

At twice the number of employees, Simon has decided to pay out of his own pocket while Beckham, who has the net worth of £355m with her husband, has chosen to rely on the Government scheme. Fellow English fashion designer Stella McCartney has also decided to put her employees on similar retention scheme which sum up to about 700 people.

However, the father-of-one does not enjoy telling people what they should do. “I know this is a hugely difficult time for so many — worries about family, health, jobs, paying the mortgage and feeding their family are at the forefront of people’s minds,” said the man.

“But there are still other people in business and in entertainment with resources available, so today it’s those people I’m urging to rise to this enormous challenge.”

We’re seeing a lot of frustrating people as crisis forces them to show their true colors. But no matter, remember to stay home and stay safe no matter what happens, folks!