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30 Best Doppelgangers Of Celebrities


30 Best Doppelgangers Of Celebrities

These can’t be different people…

These celebrities could never be imagined that they have twins out there somewhere. Not a long-lost sibling, but just someone born with such similar features, it’s just hard to believe they are different people. You may have heard that there are always seven people with the exact same face exist on earth.

Others believe that there is at least one person out there who looks exactly like you. But the chances of ever finding that person is probably very small. However, imagine having a face similar to a popular celebrity.

Freddy Slivinski dedicated one Instagram page to post lookalikes of celebrities. His page is called ‘Same de la Same’ and it has a collection of some of the most amazing lookalikes that surprised Green lemon.

1. Shakira

2. Bryan Cranston/Walter White

3. Kim Jong Un

4. Kate Moss

5. Simon Cowell

6. Katy Perry

7. Tom Cruise

8. Elton John

9. Meghan Markle

10. Robbie Williams

11. Daniel Craig/Agent 007

12. Angelina Jolie

13. Benedict Cumberbatch

14. Mila Kunis

15. John Lennon

16. Johnny Depp

17. Samuel L. Jackson

18. Jason Statham

19. Álvaro Morte

20. Mariah Carrey

21. Rihanna

22. Psy

23. Charlie Chaplin

24. Justin Timberlake

25. Drake

26. Andrew Lincoln/Rick Grimes

27. Sophie Turner/Sansa Stark

28. Selena Gomez

29. Mike Myers/Austin Powers

30. Leo Messi

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