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16 Dumb People Who Are Against The Lockdown Holding Hilarious Signs


16 Dumb People Who Are Against The Lockdown Holding Hilarious Signs

Some people had to go out to work, some others are just plain dumb.

Everyone is being sensitive over going out during this crisis period. In order to help flatten the curve, by staying home, chilling and watching Netflix, you are saving lives. Literally.

But they say that you can’t cure dumbness and it’s really showing during this trying times. It’s one thing when you have to go out to as an essential worker in the medical care section, as a deliveryman or as a cashier at the supermarket. It’s another when you insist that staying home is communism for the sake of saying it.

Meanwhile, in Tennessee.


Do you not have friends? Doesn’t any of them warn you that being stupid is dangerous?

Her poster reads ‘Land Free’. She said this isn’t China and why are healthcare workers allowed to work but she can’t.

Alyson McClaran

Does the new American Dream includes experiencing the pandemic?


Let me tell you what’s essential: preventing you from breeding.

Because you chose to be sick, right?


Apologize to every other Christian in the whole wide world.

Yes, make it the last thing you do in life while at that. Because stupidity spreads worse than the pandemic.

Some people should never be let out ever.


These people think government likes it when economy is stalled and their citizens dying.


Stupidity is viral.


Guess that means we have to sacrifice you.

What I think is that you should not have been allowed to breed.

Can’t live if your hair is a few centimeters longer than planned?


Need them gone asap.

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