30 People Spotted Others Doing Stupid Things During Pandemic

30 People Spotted Others Doing Stupid Things During Pandemic

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In short, they’re idiots. We have people fighting on the frontline and running out of protective gears to keep them safe while caring for the sick. And then, we have people who are wasting supplies such as the rare N95 masks, wearing them in the wrong way because they feel uncomfortable.

Well, flash news, my friend, it’s NOT supposed to be comfortable. If it is, you’re just as good as not wearing one and might as well give them to the most exposed such as healthcare workers. Here are 30 people we will strive to never be during this crisis.

1. Yep, we’re all going to die.

2. He’s eating with the same gloves he walked in with.

3. Let’s give them all a taste and see if they still want to go back out while choking out breath.


4. Since when do we call hanging out as quarantining?

5. Yes, wearing an N95 is not supposed to make you feel comfortable.

6. Everything’s out but this. After all that time they put into naming the virus.


7. When you’re an essential worker but your employer think gloves will keep you safe.

8. “I’m going to protect those buttons.”


9. Can someone please help this man…

10. Nobody wants this cause it’s the Corona Beans. It’s Italian.


11. So, this is a meeting on social distancing.


12. What happened: someone used microwave to disinfect CAD5000.


13. Blame it all on 5G because ‘science’ said so.

14. The typical stupidity that gets people killed at Walmart.

15. Someone went to the bank with these bills after they tried sanitizing them in the microwave.


16. If you can’t smell it, you can’t get it.


17. Dumb ways to die:


18. Thank God, the virus doesn’t move sideways.

19. At St. Kilda’s Beach. Social what?


20. Never judge before you know the whole story.

21. Cops about to bust into that building.


22. This lady nailing it.


23. Hope she’s doing this for the joke.


24. To think healthcare workers run out of PPE for this type of people.


25. Maybe she just has a weird sense of fashion. Because that mesh-type hat will only keep the bees away, not viruses.


26. Wearing face shields.

27. This president of a meatpacking plant talking about safety procedures during the pandemic.

28. Let me give you a tip: don’t eat snack while working AND in the midst of pandemic with your working gloves?

29. If you’re uncomfortable with them, please, just let the healthcare workers wear these rare N95 masks.


30. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner showing his nostrils while wearing a mask.