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Sia Reveals She Has Adopted Two 18-Year-Old Boys From Foster Care Last Year


Sia Reveals She Has Adopted Two 18-Year-Old Boys From Foster Care Last Year

Such a big heart celebrity!

More than 20,000 teenagers will be kicked out of foster care this year for being too old. This happens not just in 2020, but has been going for years, causing a number of these young adults confused and more susceptible to drug addiction or getting entangled in dangerous jobs.

Adopters always prefer younger children for a lot of reasons, but these unprepared teenagers have a slim chance of getting proper education and eventually, a proper job.

But recently, an interview reveals that Sia had rescued two teenage boys from the foster care.


Sia Furler was in an interview with Sirius XM Radio who only just revealed that she’s been living with two adopted sons, both 18 from the foster care. They’re 19 this year. She said, “They were aging out of the foster care system. Yeah, and I love them.”

As a queen with the voice of a goddess, Sia was able to keep this surprising news concealed from the public eyes! That was probably thanks to the fact that not a lot of people are familiar with Sia’s real face since she always uses wig that conceals her eyes or wear heavy makeup.

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Aside from that, Sia has also opened up that she chooses to remain single for her life. It’s highly probably that she’s taking care of her new family members on her own. When asked about how the boys are faring during this lockdown, she says that it’s driving them quite nuts, but they’re holding on.

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A diva, a celebrity and now a mother to two adopted sons who were aging out of foster care! How can we not stan this queen?!

Check out the interview below as Sia talks about her family life.

People are loving the story and wishes the family happiness.

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