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Prankster Gets Decked After He Tried To Pull A Prank On A Stranger


Prankster Gets Decked After He Tried To Pull A Prank On A Stranger

“Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

TikToker @jaykindafunny8, known as Jay to his audience, usually has his targets laugh off his pranks or just walk away, but this time around, he certainly picked the wrong person and the situation ended up in the unexpected. The influencer took his content creation to a hardware store to earn some precious clicks. 

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via NoContextHumans/Twitter

And as seen in the clip, he had walked up behind an unsuspecting shopper and lifted what appeared to be a PVC pipe to use a megaphone, presumably to say Munanyo, the term he often uses in his pranks.

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via NoContextHumans/Twitter

Jay could barely conclude whatever he had intended as the stranger got behind him and decked him onto the floor. He was then heard shouting, “It’s just a joke,” while the mammoth man pinned him to the ground. So far, the clip, which has since migrated to Twitter, has amassed millions of views and left the internet divided. 

Here’s another version of the clip:


♬ original sound – Jaykindafunny
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via NoContextHumans/Twitter

While it’s a violent reaction, many people applauded the shopper for giving the Influencer his comeuppance.

One person named Daniel wrote on Twitter: “This is what wants to happen to every single person filming prank videos.” Another invoked Taylor Swift lyrics that summed up the situation: “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.” A third also stated: “Touching someone without permission is assault. The kid started it. Old dude finished it.”  

Some people appeared a bit on the fence with what transpired.

One wrote: “Massive overreaction.” While another said: “Man makes a loud noise and another man tackles him to the floor and half of the people in the comments consider this an OK response? Madness.” Nonetheless, jay has clearly lived to tell the tale, as he shared the video and is still posting videos on his page.

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