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“People Think I’m Lying When I Tell Them My Actual Age – Guys In Their 20s Ask Me Out”


“People Think I’m Lying When I Tell Them My Actual Age – Guys In Their 20s Ask Me Out”

Being healthy and having good habits is a way of life.

Stumbling upon Eudora Okoro, you will naturally be convinced that she’s three decades younger than her actual age. Her flawless skin and stunning looks will catch you off-guard if ever you cross her path. The dance teacher hasn’t ever had Botox or cosmetic surgery; hence it’s pretty safe to say she found the fountain of age-defying.

Eudora Okoro claims young men in their 20s ask her out all the time because they think she’s their age.

The Wirral-based is regularly flooded with messages on dating sites from men as young as 21. But it turned out, Eudora is actually in her 60s and has, of course, been fending off men who think she’s 30. According to the Melanin’s beauty, it has been a bit embarrassing yet flattering when someone young reaches out to her. 

She’s actually in her 60s! Eudora used to be a lawyer but now works as a dance teacher and a part-time DJ.

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“They’re convinced my age is a lie when I tell them, and if I ever have to give someone my date of birth, they think I’ve gone mad. People almost spit their drink out when they find out I’m 60.” Eudora told The Mirror. While she jokes she’s old enough to be their grandma, the ex-lawyer lives a not-extravagant lifestyle, working as a part-time DJ. 

“People almost spit their drink out when they find out I’m 60 – it’s a bit embarrassing but very flattering.”

Eudora Okoro via Instagram

Eudora insisted there were no actual secrets to her looks, but being just healthy. She added: “People take care of their cars, homes, and gardens, but not their bodies. I’m a living that age is just a number.!” The beauty claimed she started looking after herself when she was a teenager following some worrying words from her dad.

Her dad had said: “wait until you turn 30 – you’ll become a barrel,” but she was determined not to let that be her.

Eudora Okoro via Instagram

She recalled: “Wait until you turn 30; you’ll become a barrel.” As it appears, Eudora determined not to let that be her. Every morning, she drinks fruit and vegetable juice and sticks to a plant-based diet. She equally consumes two liters of water per day. Apart from her dance classes, Eudora likes to take long walks in her free time.

According to Eudora, there’s no actual secret to her looks – you just need to be healthy and have good habits.

Likewise, Eudora admitted to enjoying a cheeky glass of wine and a bit of chocolate as much as anyone else. She always opts for dark chocolate and drinks plenty of water before bed if she’s had an alcoholic content“Being fit and healthy helps you deal with anything. It affects you mentally as well as physically.” 

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