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People Are Sharing The Reasons They’re Attracted To Pete Davidson


People Are Sharing The Reasons They’re Attracted To Pete Davidson

What is it that people like about him?

Pete Davidson’s popularity is back on the rise again after another high-profile relationship rumor circulated around him. His surprising kiss scene on SNL with Kim Kardashian made him the talk of the month.

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But people who aren’t fans of Pete Davidson are wondering what made him so attractive?

This Reddit thread had got many people, both fans and observers, to comment on what might have made them attracted to him. From looks to confidence in being vulnerable, what was your favorite point of strength from him?


“He is so open with things that could be considered conventionally “weak”. But he does not give a flying f**k and just stands his ground.”coraldomino


“He’s funny, smart, doesn’t take himself seriously. Treats his exes with respect, is good to his momma, is more interested in having fun than dumb**s drama. Actually has a life, takes his dates out for a fun evening. Honest, vulnerable. He’s basically a golden retriever of men.

He’s also full of skinny boy big d**k energy. Like he knows he doesn’t have to prove he’s a man. We already know.”




“I don’t find him ugly like other people seem to. He’s not like a super hot supermodel or anything but I don’t find him bad looking at all. He has nice lips, a good smile. I like his tattoos. He reminds me of the funny misfit dudes I was into in high school.”friendofredjenny


“He’s like your weed dealer that you feel safe around for some reason and when he starts cracking jokes you realize you’d hook up with him.”icphx95


“I’m bisexual, which means I like 1) all women and 2) men that look like wet cigarettes.”kyabe2


“He’s very open and candid about his struggles with mental health, and people who are that genuine and honest while also kind, are often considered to have attractive personalities. Perhaps a generalization, but there’s probably some degree of attraction to gentle damaged souls going on (I get it!).”Dangaard1075


“He seems very genuine and he’s confident in his vulnerability. I get the feeling he is very focused and attentive with his partners.”BrittLee8


“Self-aware and doesn’t mind self-deprecating humor. He is also a softie.”fortheweirdsh**–


“Idk, he’s like a dirty string bean with the mouth of a truck driver and a fucked up sense of humor. Can’t tell ya why, my ovaries are really into it. He’s cracked the code.”pepperives


“I have a thing for dark circles.”wallowmallowshallow


“He gives the impression that if you met him, he would try to make it a positive interaction and fun, but if you didn’t like him, he would not care. It’s the combo of caring about others, while still having the confidence not to pander or take it as a blow to his ego if people don’t like his personality.”pancakeblanket


“He has a cute smile and facial expression. The way he holds himself confident but not all cocky like other male celebrities. He’s laid back, but not like a pathetic laid back. It’s his energy more than his actual appearance.”10ioio


“I saw an interview where a female DJ asked him what his “secret” with relationships was and he went on about honesty and just communicating freely, saying “I don’t play that game where I wait to text back to seem cool if I like you I like you and I let you know it”. And it seemed like he really believed it. Nobody who breaks up with him says he’s a creep afterward, so it seems to be true.

Most guys that are that age and that successful turn into dirtbags, and they have all their moves worked out. This guy meets these women and just wants to get to know them and meet their parents and takes them to Staten Island to meet his mom. I can see how being famous but still being earnest and sincere with people he likes works in his favor in a big way.”


“Like the male equivalent of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, the chaos goblin line cook.”KingGorilla


“He gives off real 2nd lead energy. Like if you watch Korean dramas you’ll notice there’s usually a hot guy who’s a total **shole (he’s the lead guy the girl almost always ends up with even though he’s kind of a pos) and there’s usually a less attractive but gentle 2nd lead guy who treats the lead girl kindly and you root for but then she picks the **shole guy. Lol.”KeriEatsSouls


“He also seems like the kind of guy who isn’t afraid to hold a woman’s purse.”Individualnineteen


“I’m not attracted to him but he’s successful, funny, and confident. People underestimate how these three things make someone stand out from the crowd a LOT. There are so many people just milling about, unsure of themselves, and just copying what they think is acceptable. So when someone doesn’t do all that and finds success from personality alone, it’s hot because it shows individuality and drive.

Beyond that, Ariana was pretty vocal about him being well endowed, and beyond that, I think he just knows that high-profile relationships are a good fame boost. Time will tell whether he crashes and burns from chasing fame or whether he actually is able to stand with these incredibly famous women. He nearly crashed from Ariana alone so who knows what will happen if he breaks off with Kim. That family does not play nice to people who get on their bad side.”

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