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Ozzy Osbourne Casts Jason Momoa To Play Him In A New Music Video


Ozzy Osbourne Casts Jason Momoa To Play Him In A New Music Video

Honestly, this is awesome!

Jason Momoa is now Ozzy Osbourne!

Supporters of Momoa and the Prince of Darkness alike couldn’t tolerate the intense awesomeness in Osborne’s promotional video for his latest album – Ordinary Man.

In the teaser video, the Aquaman star – Momoa stepped into Ozzy’s shoes as he lip-syncs the new ‘Scary Little Green Men’ song – it’s truly unbelievable!

Ozzy Osbourne Released His Latest Album

The Promotional Video Had Jason Momoa Stepping Into The Prince Of Darkness Shoes

It’s fitting that Osbourne and his team approached the renowned actor, a muscle master Momoa. In fact, Momoa had earlier revealed Tool, Black Sabbath and Metallica inspired him when playing his characters on-screen, including the most-watched Aquaman.

‘Aquaman is pretty metal and I know no one thinks that but truly Aquaman is metal. I built my characters off of metal songs. Conan the Barbarian, on the other hand, was really heavy Pantera, but I would say Aquaman was mostly built of Tool & Metallica’s Kill ‘Em All.’ There was a lot of Sabbath in there too.’ Momoa explained.

Interestingly, Momoa was at Slayer’s final show in Los Angeles, where he sang with Phillip Anselmo, a heavy metal superstar.

The Figure Took Off Its Cowl & Jason Momoa Revealed His Face

Momoa Lip=Syncs Osbourne’s Scary Little Green Men Song

Momoa Is Sure A Metalhead

Osbourne’s latest album was released on the 21st of February 2020. The album release is married by the fact that Ozzy canceled his 2020 North American concert tour. Presently, the Prince of Darkness is battling health issues, including Parkinson’s disease. He’s seeking treatment in Europe.

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