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Old Video Shows Dakota Johnson Was Looking At Johnny Depp’s Severed Finger


Old Video Shows Dakota Johnson Was Looking At Johnny Depp’s Severed Finger

She knew something was off!

The legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues! So far, it appears as though the couple each has their supporters, who have kept a keen eye on the trial and the testimonies that emerges. Notably, people in support of Depp have continually slammed Amber for all the ill-treatment she gave to the Fantastic Beasts actor. 

Depp’s supporters are not backing down from sharing videos or audios to prove his innocence. 

And a new clip that has hit the headline is that of Dakota Johnson and Johnny Depp at a press conference. 

In it, the 58-Year-Old actor was seen as he showed Dakota, 32, his injured finger, and it seemed the actress asked him what happened to his hand. It’s unknown what Depp’s response was, but then the two laughed after his reply, signaling he made a joke instead of revealing the truth. 

But as he turned back towards the audience with a trembling hand, Dakota again looked at Depp with a seemingly concerned expression. 

On the other hand, Depp looked like he was lost in thoughts for a while and took a sip of his beer to calm his nerves. Both Depp and Dakota had worked together in the 2015 film Black Mass, and the two have always shown mutual respect. Of her working relationship with Depp, Dakota said in an interview that working with the actor was the most gratifying and inspiring that she’s ever done. 

Dakota added: “The atmosphere on set was pretty dark, but he [referring to Depp] was just like. He is a unicorn; we talk – we use that word.”

In another interview with THR, the actress insisted cancel culture is such a downer and even defended Shia LaBeouf, Armie Hammer, and Johnny Depp. 

However, fans couldn’t help but comment on the now-viral video, as one said: “The way Dakota looked at him, she knows something’s wrong. Another said: “Dakota Johnson is so sweet for comforting him. I can’t believe someone would be cruel to such a great person and actor. A third stated: “I love Dakota’s little interaction with him. They both have sweet innocent demeanors.”

Someone else: “The way Dakota comforted him was the sweetest thing ever. She a real one.”

 The comment went on as fifth stated: “This is literally what I look like when I’m trying to hide that I’m having a panic attack in public. His hand is trembling, and he’s trying to look casual by taking a sip from his drink, but you can tell he’s completely tuned out from the situation. The guy speaking is talking about him, and he doesn’t even react to it when normally he’d chuckle or at least display some body language that means he’s listening. I feel horrible seeing him in this video. 

Another insisted: “He looks like he’s experiencing a sudden anxiety attack. 0:50 when he quickly reaches to that beer bottle. He’s so broken.”

Watch The Full Video Here:

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