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Mike Flanagan Adds 30-Minute Stephen King’s ‘Shining’ To His ‘Doctor Sleep’


Mike Flanagan Adds 30-Minute Stephen King’s ‘Shining’ To His ‘Doctor Sleep’

Details of some scenes are added for clarity.

When Mike Flanagan worked on the sequel of ‘The Shining’, he made sure it was something Stephen King himself would be happy with. ‘Doctor Sleep’ remained true to the book, although Mike gave his own touch to the movie and small changes in some aspects.

For example, the movie is ‘divided’ into chapters that Mike Flanagan titled himself: “Little Spy,” “Turn, World,” “Parlor Tricks” and “What Was Forgotten”. There are six chapters in total, all titles differ from that King had for his book.

That said, what Flanagan did was a sequel to Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ which meant he had to conform to what’s canon in that movie and still be true to the books. But within the 152 minutes of the theatrical cut, Flanagan did well.

He adds 30 more minutes from ‘Shining’.

In the additional scenes, several details were addressed such as how Abra first discovered her power and the earthquake caused by her. The hotel burnt down, however, so Jack’s revisit was a treat. The director’s cut is a refreshing view into more details, but without it, the movie alone was already fine work.

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