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Men Who Let Women Pay For First Dates Are “Cheap” And “Not Raised Right”


Men Who Let Women Pay For First Dates Are “Cheap” And “Not Raised Right”

The debate on who should pay first on the first date.

Are women who expect the guys to pay for the first date gold diggers? Are men who don’t walk up to the counter to pay for the dinner first cheapskates? Many people have different thoughts on this topic, with gender equality being one of the most hotly discussed issues lately.

Dating expert and relationship advisor Nelly share a controversial tip point about first date etiquettes.

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Nelly began, “If you’re asking a girl out and then going Dutch, it just shows you’re cheap, you weren’t raised right, you’re not chivalrous, and you’re dating outside your price range.”

Let’s be frank – 2021 is the year we all abandon old-school beliefs and traditions in a relationship. Housework is meant for both men and women, and fathers are also (shocked!) expected to be involved a lot in parenting. Then what about dating etiquettes?

“I said what I said!” she captioned. “You’re taking a girl out on a date that you can’t afford to be on.”

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That makes total sense. If you’re not going to pay for something, why ask someone out on a date like that? But several people commented that this could be easily debunked if it was the woman who asked out. Then where is the line drawn – should the person who asked out pay for everything, should the bill be equally split, or should people stick to guy-pays-for-everything?

She continued, “Instead of trying to flex at a nice dinner, you’re better off taking her on a picnic in the park.”

She added that even girls with progressive minds do mind when you insist on splitting the bills, not because of their financial situation, but “because it shows us YOUR character.”

“If you’re a girl and you’re paying for first dates, I’m here to tell you that he ain’t it sis,” she suggested.


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A user complained, “Women: if he doesn’t pay, he’s cheap. Also Women: don’t judge us for expecting men to pay, we’re not gold diggers.”

Another shares why she prefers to pay her own share, “I would rather pay for myself. Then there are no expectations.”

One shared their own idea of how it should go, “Lol what. Whoever asked the other person out should pay for the date.”

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