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Meghan Markle’s Awkward Moment With Royal Aides is Caught On Video


Meghan Markle’s Awkward Moment With Royal Aides is Caught On Video

Meghan Markle was caught in an awkward moment involving a bouquet of flowers while she was interacting with royal fans outside Windsor Castle.

In a video caught by a griever outside Windsor Palace on Saturday, Markle was seen holding the bouquet when a royal assistant moved toward her to find out if he could get the flowers from her. Markle seemed to decline the proposition and told the associate she planned to put them herself before turning back to the crowd with the flowers bundle still in her arms.

meghan with flowers
she kept several bouquets close to her chest/Getty Images

minutes after the fact, one more helper approached to take flowers that Harry got from an individual from people in general and afterward went after Markle’s bouquet, as well. The “Suits” alum appeared to oppose from the start, however after the assistant seemed to make sense of the circumstance, Markle obliged and gave over the bouquet.

Meghan Markle’s Awkward Moment With Royal Aides is Captured.

Meghan Markle’s Awkward Moment With Royal Aides is Caught On Video
Meghan Markle’s Awkward Moment With Royal Aides is Caught On Video

A fan account tweeted, “The big guns had to step in when Meghan refused to let go of the flowers the first aide tried to take from her as she herself wanted to walk them over to the other tributes,”

“She wanted it for the optics but it got squashed by people who know exactly what she’s trying to achieve.🤣,” one viewer tweeted, adding, “I’m thinking so she gets the money shot when she places the flowers down with the other floral tributes.”

meghan with kids
Getty image

another tweeted, “She probably wanted to be captured and filmed when she walks alone put flowers over there and put an action. Actually, if you think about it, she really is a narcissist, always trying to make everything about her on every occasion! Glad she was stopped!”

William Kate Meghan and Harry pay respects at Windsor... 1

one person tweeted in Markle’s favor “Can’t believe the Meghan bashing has started already; it’s the first time she’s experienced this and was doing her best she probably promised to lay the flowers down herself and that’s what she was going to do till told by Harry it’s alright to pass them over,”.

one user explained royal protocol “She probably didn’t understand that the flowers are taken off them for safety purposes. After all, there could be a small explosive device, nerve gas, a poisonous insect, any number of things concealed in them,”.

one more wrote, “Oh my God……STOP IT!!!! Leave this poor woman alone. Take a breath…..this will play out as it will play out. Be glad the whole world isn’t weighing in on every move YOU make. Enough already,” one more wrote.

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