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Man Found Huge Spider ‘Tickling His Ear’ Inside His Ear Muffs


Man Found Huge Spider ‘Tickling His Ear’ Inside His Ear Muffs

A tickle in the ear.

Yeah, not fun, nobody likes finding a spider inside their headphone or muffs. A man from Australia however, felt his ear tickled when he wore his headset and took it off. Imagine how surprised he was to find a huge spider cozying up inside the space of the muff.

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To calm you folks down, this isn’t a very poisonous spider. The huntsman spider, albeit huge and scary looking, is a rather docile one and will only attack when it’s really threatened. Even in the case that you get bitten by it, it’s not lethal and will only mostly cause pain and discomfort.

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Anyway, this plumber from Perth decided to take the spider out and took his phone out to film. He tried to shake the guy out but it just didn’t want to budge. This definitely looks like a time to get new earmuffs.

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Many people suggested the man to just throw it away or burning it.

Huntsman spiders’ diet is typically pests and spiders. They also love making themselves home in a human’s residence and while they are not aggressive, they make great pest and bug-deterrent. They are also native to Australia, the land of NOPE.

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