Spiderweb Big Enough To Catch A Human Is Found In US Forest

Spiderweb Big Enough To Catch A Human Is Found In US Forest

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Staff at the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) recently captured on camera a huge spiderweb and since sharing to the internet, users couldn’t help but comment on its spooky form. The gigantic spider, which is large enough to capture humans was found in a forest close to Springfield, Missouri.

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) recently found a spiderweb large enough to capture humans in Missouri forest

The 8-legged creature that produced the disturbingly gigantic spiderweb is a type of spider called the ‘Orbweaver.’ Described as a barn spider whose webs tend to pop up mostly around late summer and fall, the Orbweavers does have an upside-down spruce tree pattern on their abdomen.

Interestingly, they grow about a half of an inch and reportedly, the spiderwebs spanned across two trees, of which it was presumed that the creature started at early hours of the day. Specifically, media specialist of the MDC, Francis Skalicky spotted the web while on a trail in Springfield.  

‘Numerous orb-weavers are nightly and they have the habit of eating and rebuilding their webs daily. The webs are built at dusk and used for capturing prey that walks through it at night.’ The MDC explained via its website. Turned out, the large and hairy Orbweavers are innocuous to humans and prefer to consume insects, including moths.

The MDC added: ‘The spider at dawn re-ingests the stands and does recycle the nutrient in making a whole new web.’ The conservation officials did share the photo of the spooky-looking web and of course, it sparked up comments. ‘These are the type that literally catches people if they walk through it at night. Lol!’ an internet user identified as Jennifer Duffy Russell wrote.

Another, Linda Coello added: ‘This is truly a beautiful intricate wonder of nature. Just wonder how spiders make their webs perfectly, their amazing spiders!’ A few others, however, hilariously joked about the spider trying to get a free satellite signal.