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25 Pics From Australia That Will Make You Go ‘NOPE’


25 Pics From Australia That Will Make You Go ‘NOPE’

Why does anyone want to go to Australia or live there?!

Go to Australia they say. It’ll be fun they say.

Sure, it’s a land rich in a multicultural blend of both natives and immigrants. The country has beautiful views and unique places where you can still enjoy wine of different types or if you’re a steak lover… you’ll love this place. The people are friendly and can be a bit crazy, but you’ll love them. Not to mention the rich biodiversity on it.

But not THESE images.

Two kangaroos casually fighting it out on the street.

Magpie alert is real.

When they say don’t fight a kangaroo… they’re not joking.

This passenger that didn’t tapped on.

Looks like it’s a house now.

In Australia, snakes eat crocodiles.

Sharknado is real.


It’s a hard time for us all, especially Koalas.

What is going on here?!

Not a day you can live without checking the toilet bowl frequently.

Snakes in shoes, common trap.

Nature is ferocious and scary.

These two snakes on the side road doing whatever the hell they are doing.

A really long train… of hairy caterpillars.

One of the smallest, but most venomous jellyfish (about 100 times of cobra’s).

Tiana won’t kiss a frog for a prince.

Time to get a new toilet.

Pigs are drunkards.

Never appreciate people being persistent with the doorbell!

This girl who found this on the farm… and added how it’s not dangerous.

If you don’t shave a sheep for 5 years.

Losing kangaroos get turned into a souvenir.

You see this on the door on your way out of your workplace, what do you do?

A snake and a possum.

Nothing like watching a family grow. In your very house.

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