Australians do bin outing because it's the only time they're allowed out.

30 Australians’ Best Bin Outing Outfits After They Realized It’s Their Only Chance To Dress Up

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People used to think others as nuts to dress up for a simple chore of taking out the trash. But for Australians, it has become their golden chance to shine. With the lockdown in effect, Australians have been sharing their best bin outing look on Facebook group Bin Isolation Outing and it’s honestly the kind of content you will love to see.

1. We have questions…

Roslyn Castellano

2. Bearded Maleficent taking out bins.

Rachel Fisher

3. Fun way to scare your neighbor once a week.

Natalie Petty

4. That bin is walking by itself!

Julia Bills

5. Supergirl off to bin her trash!

Emma Agius

6. Someone bin busy this week since a lot of people weren’t heeding to quarantine rules. Time to take out the trash!

Kristy Sleep

7. Jigsaw in full outfit. He actually looks cute.

Scott Newman

8. It was a cold rainy day, true dedication.

‎Katrina Millar

9. Bin politics.

Elisa Mulvihill

10. Romantic bin night.

Gayle Franklin

11. Dressing up Roy for his bin out day!

Jess Neville

12. Iron Man couldn’t incinerate it himself.

Copelin Gehlsen

13. Feeling glorious on this day.

Caleb Coulter

14. Haven’t been riding for a while.

Rohan Scuzzy Smith

15. Glam bin outing night while homophobic neighbor enjoys his BBQ.

Jack Robert

16. Here is a wild Englishman.

Matt Lucas

17. Hi.

Caz Porter

18. A Supergirl with a pair of Mario mushrooms’ tattoos.

Lisa McAtamney

19. Some people have been missing the fast food.

Martin Davies

20. That is… my mum.

Samantha Hansen

21. Not her best life choice, but it was at least hilarious.

‎Imogen Jaylin

22. Cruella de Bin.

Siobhan Murphy

23. IT: Chapter 2020.

Hayley Long

24. Spotted a wild Joe Exotic with his cat.

25. She wasn’t on bin outing but has been greeting to those who have ‘travelith pastith her kingdom’ in Chillcotts Grass, NSW.

Angie Jayne

26. A glorious day in Binasaraus Logan City, QLD.

Marshall Foster

27. Wild Maude Boate spotted in the city.

Denise Alison

28. For their Golden Wedding Anniversary Day, their vow renewal was witnessed by the Best Bin and Bin of Honor.

Cathy Dunbar

29. That is called a Wally and he finally found his time to shine this week.

Brodie Andrew Scantlebury

30. Might as well be a Lego for the day.

Shay Linton