Impatient Toddler Eating Raw Ingredients While Nana Make Cookies, Goes Viral

Impatient Toddler Eating Raw Ingredients While Nana Make Cookies, Goes Viral

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It’s always fun to get your kids involved in activities like cleaning or cooking. Cade, who is two years old, is often cooking together with her mom and recently, with her Nana. But Cade being hilariously impatient throughout the cooking and baking made him viral on the internet!

Add flour, butter, sugar and eggs. Voila, it’s cake – in my stomach!

The adorable boy was obviously impatient and forcibly scooped up the ingredient in a fistful and stuffed them to his mouth. Even though his Nana reminded him ‘no eating the butter’ and other ingredients – you need to eat the cookie!

Needless to say, it was something hilarious that kept Nana laughing the entire time.

He needed to have a taste of everything and arguably, he is at the age where he wants to know everything. Including taste. Unfortunately, this kept Nana really busy from keeping him eating all the raw ingredients before they made the cookies.

In most situations, his face soured when he knew the flour or oat did not taste as good as he expected them to be. Cookies are so delicious, so how come the ingredients taste so bland and smells funny?

Cade’s mom, Cathy, said, “We initially only sent the videos to our family, but then posted one on Facebook and our friends seemed to really enjoy it. He loves to cook and make a mess.”

In defense, Cade is not the only one interested in cookie dough, right?

Thankfully he didn’t spooned the cinnamon into his mouth.

It was a mess, but cookies are made, eventually!

He still had enough room for the cookies after all that tasting and even shared one for his nana. What a nice boy!

In another occasion, Cade was making pizza with mom. Yeah, he’s eating the mozarella.

We all love mozarella, but munching them directly before cooking them is a bad idea! Maybe Cade will like it better after they’re nicely baked with the pizza.

Oh, but that’s not all he ‘sampled’ throughout the process. He decided the mozarella deserves another go after being shredded.

Gosh, he really is the ultimate taster! We hope Cade becomes a great chef in the future!