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Landlord Wants Tenant To Pay $80 Cleaning Fee For Nothing, Ends Up Paying $6,000


Landlord Wants Tenant To Pay $80 Cleaning Fee For Nothing, Ends Up Paying $6,000

Jerks truly need people to cut them down to size!

A lot of jerks continue being jerks because there’s a belief they can always get away with it. One Reddit User’s story of going over the heels to ensure a cunning landlord gets retribution is a clear success story humans need, to make these jerks sleep with an eye open.

Shared on r/ProRevenge subreddit, the story started with a couple who moved out of their run-down attic after a frivolous new landlord decided to double the rent. The landlord tried getting out an $80 cleaning fee for nothing, but the couple fought back to the extent where the disagreement ballooned to him taking out their entire deposit.

That was the kickoff of a legal battle. It’s not cheap to take a case of such to the sheriff and most individuals aren’t willing to take the step that it will pay off, but the couple, according to the story stuck to their principles and indeed paid off. On getting back their entire deposits and fees, the landlord got a bigger order to pay back the rest of the tenants who claimed he did the same in the past.

More info: r/ProRevenge

Patrick Haney (Not the actual photo)

Someone Shared The Whole Story On Reddit


A conducted survey of tenants and landlords by US Housing Services Directory Porch found out that 25% of landlords keep part of a security deposit a tenant deserved. How many more do you think to do this because they’ve never had any penalties?

Users Applauded The Tenants For Getting Justice

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