People Are Triggered By BBC Food's Way Of Cooking Rice For Egg Fried Rice

People Are Triggered By BBC Food’s Way Of Cooking Rice For Egg Fried Rice

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Let me begin by saying that I am a Chinese who still speak the native language and like any Asian kids, have been delegated to cook rice in life. It is simple, easy, basically a survival skill my mom made me learn of. What BBC Food did with their rice for making fried rice is an absolute abomination to us all.

Fried rice is one of my first favorite food and I am not about to let anyone tell me this is right.

Uncle Roger couldn’t have said it better.

Basically, this woman is using basmati rice to cook the fried rice. Her ingredients looked good, but when she started by cooking the rice without rinsing it, you can hear every South East Asians internally screaming.

Then, she drained the wet rice.

People who’ve known how to treat rice the right way commented.


To explain, it turns out that this IS a valid way of cooking rice.


Well, there are various ways of cooking rice and as long as they end up with fluffy rice that doesn’t taste disgusting, it’s great. If it works, it’s not stupid. It’s actually called an open pan method people use to cook curries.



Conclusion: while there are a million ways to cook rice, not all of them are good or even meant for every type of rice. Just use a rice cooker if you’re so unsure and use that one method that produces the most consistent result.