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PE Teacher Eats Three Raw Vegetables Daily To Maintain The Best Shape Of Her Life


PE Teacher Eats Three Raw Vegetables Daily To Maintain The Best Shape Of Her Life

Not everyone gets to live close to their golden age with so much vigor and life that makes them almost 30. We always love sharing what these people have to say about their secret to looking and feeling as healthy as they are. A PE teacher shares her secret and encourages every other viewer to consume at least these three vegetables raw.

Belinda Norton from Gold Coast, Australia, is a professional fitness educator and certified trainer. Also, a mom-of-two, balancing her work life, parenting, and personal health was never easy, but at the age of 45, she managed to look so good.

“Every human being should eat these whole daily,” she urged her followers.

“Eat these three daily. Get the kids to eat these daily,” she continued. “Wash and eat. Don’t cut them up into small pieces. Open your mouth, stretch your jaw and eat whole.”

“Whole organic earth grown foods supply our body with the nutrients and minerals that no other products can do.

“They are inexpensive, they also induce chewing meaning the jaw is exercised helping our children to open their mouth and articulate words. They are perfectly portioned to nourish and maintain energy.”

Belinda explains that carrots provide fiber which keeps your blood sugar levels controlled and are good sources of Vitamin A with beta-carotene. In addition, they’re “calcium loaded with vitamin K, both important for bone health.”

While two whole cucumbers are great to keep the body hydrated and help with weight control, improving the digestive system.

five vegetables to eat raw daily Belinda Norton 1
five vegetables to eat raw daily Belinda Norton 2

The benefits make them the “perfect snacks” at a budget.

As a trainer that believes in healthy, raw food, she’s often shared her own recipe of salads and menu made of mostly, if not entirely, raw vegetables and fruits.

Belinda made it her 2022 New Year’s resolution to encourage eating raw. And she’s doubling down on that this year.

The trainer shared, “It truly is the magic elixir to our bodies performance level. These earth-grown foods promote internal health from digestion to blood boosting components. I encourage you to eat raw vegetables daily and increase your consumption by adding vegetables to every meal including breakfast.”

Belinda often shares fun facts about healthy food, how our body processes sugar and fat, and how to prevent chronic elevated blood insulin levels.

This doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy delicious smoothies and meals!

But if you can have “real” food which “improves skin, hair, brain function, mind clarity, and immunity” while looking this good at 45, why would you not?

She added, “Eating well should not only be about quantity but more imperative with quality.”

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