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‘I Surprised My Long Distance BF By Turning Up At His Door, But I Got The Shock Of My Life’


‘I Surprised My Long Distance BF By Turning Up At His Door, But I Got The Shock Of My Life’

Something sneaky really went down.

Who doesn’t love surprises? Literally, most people do, and it remains a thing of nightmarish for the remaining few. Recently, Mary Fatz traveled a long distance to visit surprise her boyfriend but sadly, what she witnessed isn’t what she certainly had bargained for. 

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The US-based in a TikTok was seen dressed in a baggy jumper and trousers as she knocked on her BF’s door.

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But much to her shock, she waited and waited only for there to be no response. However, it wasn’t long before she discovered the main why her BF wasn’t answering. Explaining the incident, Fatz wrote alongside the short clip: “When you go to visit your long-distance boyfriend, and he doesn’t answer because HE HAS A GIRL OVER.”

@maryfatz Couch guy ECU edition #couchguy #fyp still falling for you – audiobear
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The post has since amassed over 28million views and hundreds of comments. 

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Most people suggested the two guys lingering in the background of Fatz’s video might know something. One person wrote: “The guys in the back trying to be sneaky and see what happens next.” A second added: “I’ve been done so wrong that I would assume the guys in the back were his lookouts, and he texted them to see who was at the door.”

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A third chimed: “The guys at the end of the hall know.”

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The comments went on with another saying: “The guy in the background was INVESTED.” While a fifth continued: “Brudda, I’m speechless, to which Fatz herself responded: “Bro, same!” It remains unknown the TikToker eventually met with her BF face to face but then we would like to ask, what would you have done if you were in Fatz’s shoes? 

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