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‘I Broke Up With My BF Thinking I’d Never See Him Again But Then He Started Dating My Sister’


‘I Broke Up With My BF Thinking I’d Never See Him Again But Then He Started Dating My Sister’

Things will get pretty awkward, no doubt.

Kylie Putzy has found herself in a strange situation after realizing that her ex-BF, whom she vowed never to see again, is dating her SISTER. Sharing this to her TikTok, the tale has taken the platform by storm, garnering over 500K views in just two days of its upload.

“Breaks up W my boyfriend thinking I’ll never see him again,” read the text on Kylie’s video. 

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kylieputzy via TikTok

The video then showed her now happy-looking ex-BF, with the caption: “Starts dating my sister.” The biochemistry student attested it was hilarious, but then not everyone agreed with her. Some people found the affair amusing, and a few have since labeled her sister’s actions wrong and foul.

@kylieputzy it’s funny you can laugh #fyp ♬ He told me that the man of my dreams – Friends and Brooklyn 99
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kylieputzy via TikTok

“Umm if my sister did that, she would never be able to walk again,” Someone wrote in the comment of the post.

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kylieputzy via TikTok

Another who couldn’t believe Kylie’s sister could start seeing her Ex-partner said: “I’m mad at my sister, and I don’t even have one.” Others on the platform demanded she reveal her sister’s identity. “That will never be okay with me, lol,” someone else said, while a third stated: “He dropped this.” 

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kylieputzy via TikTok

Plenty of TikTokers struggled to understand what had happened and hoped it was all made up. 

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kylieputzy via TikTok

“Probably it’s not the case, and I hope it’s not but all I can think about is that they were waiting for the breakup to happen,” One person expressed. Another asked: “IS THIS A JOKE PLZ?” While someone else also wrote: “My jaw DROPPED.” However, what would you’ve done if you were in Kylie’s situation

It turned out Kylie’s story is actually TRUE, not made up.

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