Girl Gave Out Guy Friend's Number To Creepy Dudes And They Were Destroyed

Girl Gave Out Guy Friend’s Number To Creepy Dudes And They Were Destroyed

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Guys, get the hint when a girl doesn’t like you. It’s not that hard to understand that maybe this girl just doesn’t like the way you made your move. If that’s the case, just move along. Stop pressing for their numbers because you will absolutely regret ever asking for it.

This guy was willing to become one of the girl best friend’s shields from the creepy dude. Because a lot of them like to hit on her at the bar and acted creepy even when she doesn’t like them, she gave out his number instead. It was probably the best thing ever because the rest became one of the internet’s best entertainment.

Meet Derick, from the bar.

This time, it’s Chris. Chris sounds vegan.

This Brad. Brad is not very bright.

People loved these interactions.