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Dakota Johnson Always Sticks Up For Johnny Depp As She Slammed Cancel Culture


Dakota Johnson Always Sticks Up For Johnny Depp As She Slammed Cancel Culture

“I feel sad for people needing help and perhaps not getting it in time.”

Dakota Johnson has joined the ranks of celebs speaking out against cancel culture. The 32-Year-Old recently defended some of her male colleagues blacklisted in Hollywood as alleged abusers. She spoke up for Shia LaBeouf, Armie Hammer, and Johnny Deppall of whom have been implicated in scandals connected to the #MeTooMovement.

Notably, the friendship between Dakota & Depp has become the subject of curiosity on social media. 

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Apart from his legal issue against Amber Heard, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is generating headlines hinged on his close friendship with the Fifty Shades of Gray star. The pair has never dated before, but they’ve always had a special bond. But then, a particular old video going viral has some fans assuming the two dated or are dating. 

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So far, there’s a lack of proof to back up the curiosity, but their chemistry was undeniable in this footage. 

Dakota had starred alongside Depp, LaBeouf, and Hammer in Black Mass, The Peanut Butter Falcon, and Wounds, respectively. All three male actors have been criticized online for abuse allegations and have suffered professionally. In her interview with The Hollywood ReporterDakota insisted: “I never experienced that firsthand from any of those people. I had an incredible time working with them.” 

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The actress condemned the cancellation of professionals due to allegations that, in many cases, prove to be unsubstantiated.

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She shared a poignant message that the damage is already done despite names eventually being cleared. “I feel sad for the loss of great artists. I feel sad for people needing help and perhaps not getting it in time. I feel sad for anyone who was harmed or hurt. It’s just sad.” Dakota also criticized the antiquated way movie studios are run, urging radical change. 

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“The way that studios have been run up until now and still now, is behind. It is such an antiquated mindset of what movies should be made, who should be in them, how much people should get paid, what equality and diversity look like.”

Dakota continued: “Sometimes, the old school needs to be moved out for the new school to come in. Cancel culture is such a f**king downer. I hate that term.” However, she expressed she remained hopeful about the future, insisting people can change and she wants to believe in the power of a human being to change and evolve and get help and help others. 

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Notably, Dakota’s worry for Johnny was seen in the clip [above], where the pair were at a press conference. 

Johnny’s broken finger could be seen, and just how much Dakota was interested in the severed hand was no doubt heartwarming. It’s suspected Depp had most likely cracked a joke in return when Dakota asked about the hand as they both began laughing. But she remained worried, and Johnny’s hand was also seen trembling throughout the conference.

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The actress’s genuine compassion for Depp can also be seen in this now-viral video. 

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Instagram/Dakota Johnson

Due to her kind gesture, fans have admired Dakota for consoling the actor through his most difficult time. Another who has since spoken up for Depp is Ireland Baldwin. The model branded Amber Heard a disaster of human beings amid Depp’s defamation lawsuit. Two major franchises had dropped the 58-Year-Old after his battle with Amber after she accused him of assault.

However, LaBeouf, 35, was sued by his ex-GF FKA Twigs for sexual battery, assault, and infliction of emotional distress. He argued many of the allegations weren’t true but accepted accountability for his actions and entered a 12-step program.

Hamer, 35, was accused of emotional abuse, manipulation, and s*xual violence by several women. He denied the allegations but was dropped from acting projects and entered rehab.

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