Cub Gets Scolded By Mama Bear After Wandering Into A Human's Porch

Cub Gets Scolded By Mama Bear After Wandering Into A Human’s Porch

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Nighttime is a perfect timing for bears to sneak into humans’ neighborhood and steal some snacks. Captured on camera a few nights ago were this bear and her cub who had quite the curiosity.

It got noisy one night in Sumer Walser Williams and her husband’s home. She walked to turn on the lights on the deck and sure enough, saw a baby bear wandering around. While it got quite messy, Sumer and her husband Larkin were not mad at all. The cub looked so curious and even stood upright on the front door!


But while the cub was exploring the unfamiliar area, mama bear quickly came around because baby peeked into the window and that’s infringing people’s privacy! No, no.

As a parent to two young kids, the Williams couple couldn’t relate more to her reaction. They never stop poking their nose whenever they can and peeking into anywhere they can because of their curiosity. You just have to drag your kids first before facing the neighbors in embarrassment.

You can hear this mama bear saying, “For the millionth time…”

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