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Adam Levine’s Ex-Yoga Teacher Accuses Him Of Sending Her Flirty Messages


Adam Levine’s Ex-Yoga Teacher Accuses Him Of Sending Her Flirty Messages

The yoga teacher’s allegations come after two other women accused Levine of sending inappropriate messages.

Former yoga teacher, Alanna Zabel, has become the 4th woman to come forward with claims against Adam Levine. After LA-based model Sumner Stroh claimed she had a secret relationship with the Maroon 5 singer in 2021, Comedian Maryka, and a woman named Alyson Rose also shared screenshots of their alleged DMs with Levine. 

For Zabel, who trained the pop star from 2007 to 2010, Levine had sent her dirty messages, including one he which he wrote he wanted to spend the day with her naked. 

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Another is how Levine bragged to his friends about her having the best a** in town. “Long overdue #ExposeAdamLevine,” Zabel wrote on Instagram. She added: “One day he texted me saying I want to spend the day with you naked. I was in the bath, but my jealous ex saw it and went into a rage.” 

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Zabel said as her then-BF saw the message; he became violent, flew into a jealous rage, and snapped her twist. 

She explained she told her ex the text was intended for Levine’s then-GF Becky, believed to be Rebecca Ginos, a cocktail waitress he dated from 2006-2009. Zabel shared she asked Levine but didn’t reply. “My ex became violent, breaking my wrist. Massive life changing, destructive moment and when I told Adam, he ignored it and never apologized.” 

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Zabel slammed Levine for abandoning her during one of the most devastating times and said he took her off what was his then-upcoming tour. 

43-Year-Old Levine has publicly apologized to his wife for crossing the line but pushed back on Sumner’s claims that they had an affair. Following the allegations, he has been seen with his wife, Behati Prinsloo, smiling together. Exclusive photos show the Maroon 5 lead singer in Montecito, California, wearing a red T-shirt and shorts. 

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Walking in front was his pregnant supermodel in a white T-shirt with her hair tied up and shades on as they picked up their two children from school. 

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However, the context of his messages to Maryka [pictured below] is unclear. Some appear to have timestamps from July when Levine would have marked his 8th wedding anniversary with his wife. In the alleged DM, Levine told her: “I’m now obsessed with you.” She replied: “Dude aren’t you like married lol.” Levine admitted he is but said it’s complicated. 

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The screenshots shared through Influencer Dana Omari’s page showed that the musician told Maryka to “Distract yourself by f**king with me.” 

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In a now-deleted TikTok, Alyson [pictured below] also shared screenshots of Levine’s alleged DMs, including one in which he said: “I shouldn’t be talking to you, you know [that], right?” Rose claimed there was much more that was said that wasn’t appropriate, but she doesn’t feel comfortable posting everything.

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Despite all, the musician insisted in his public statement he used poor judgment in speaking with anyone other than his wife in ANY flirtatious manner.

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