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35 Times People Are Absolutely Baffled By Unnecessary Packaging


35 Times People Are Absolutely Baffled By Unnecessary Packaging

Why would you ever wrap a can of Coca-Cola?

Selling fresh produces and products require manufacturer and producers to consider how to preserve them. Especially creative products that are fragile and easily breaks or when the items are ordered online and shipped by air.

But depending on what you are selling, there might not be any use to try so hard to keep your products fresh. The excess cost you have to add just to wrap them in useless plastic bags that are immediately thrown away can be reduced.

Yet, instead of being effective, efficient and environmental-friendly, these people found companies just throwing in so much plastic, paper, and packaging that only contribute to more waste.

1. So what if I want a loaf of bread?

© IamRasters / reddit

2. Yeah, because banana skin is a joke.

© thenamenononehas / imgur

3. Someone got a free Chapstick and it looked like some seriously important document.

© Unknown / imgur

4. Yeah, it was that hard to crack eggshells.

© ShinigamiDady / reddit

5. This amount of wrapping for a single pill of Claritin.

© Neglected_Martian / reddit

6. That’s one way to keep watermelon fresh.

© climbingup_thewalls / reddit

7. “Individually wrapped sugar cubes at Hotel Football UK… why?”

© Euan Doak / Twitter

8. A pack of two stalks of lemongrass in Tesco.

© pointless_packaging / Instagram

9. “All this packaging for a small charging cube?! Unbelievable.”

© Bad Excess Packaging / Twitter

10. Couldn’t just use that one jar, huh.

© hippityhoppflop / reddit

11. For one piece of magnet, because they fear the power of it?

© MiaMiaPP / reddit

12. Say ‘No’ to plastic but let’s wrap this bag which has the straw inside in plastic.

© YARA5000 / reddit

13. Individually packaged strawberries ‘fresh by air from Japan’ in a Hong Kong supermarket.

© Ree81 / reddit

14. Supermarkets and grocery stores need to STOP trying to do everything for us. These pre-cut, individually wrapped peppers will be the death of us.

© 6packobeer / reddit

15. So, um, why do people use cans in the first place?

© Chicken_Man_64 / reddit

16. Right.

© tommiedineen / reddit

17. More individually wrapped fresh produce. This time, grapes.

© Unknown / reddit

18. Freshness Guarantee- Yeah, I can definitely see that.

© oreece29 / reddit

19. Zyrtec went through giving every single pill a layer of packaging.

© explodr / reddit

20. No disk required, so what do you still need to make the case?

© Unknown / imgur

21. “Chipotle now waste more plastic to package their lemons…”

© Marisol Cisneros / Twitter

22. A whole box filled with aired plastic bags for a single bottle of 30 pills.

© Minionhunter / reddit

23. They had to individually wrap apples as well now.

© pagged / reddit

24. This umbrella from Amazon weighed 50 times the umbrella.

© GallowBoob / reddit

25. Why would anyone wrap a can? Don’t they get it?

© kirketkin / reddit

26. Buying Q-tips that are not made of plastic to help reduce plastic waste. Instead, they come individually wrapped in it.

© chard_evans / reddit

27. They are thinking about how you can individually wrap avocadoes, so they sliced it in half.

© Unknown / imgur

28. Whatever happened to learning about fruits and vegetables protective skin in Biology class?

© itsfelyn / Instagram

29. 5 lbs of sugar-free Jelly Belly came as every single bean was individually wrapped.

© betterdayzahead / imgur

30. Gosh, this genuine coconut must crack real easy!

© jonnyopinion / reddit 

31. Because it’s a precious small steak.

© pointless_packaging / Instagram

32. Marks & Spencer trying to make their pencil looks more of a class.

© Cobain Schofield / Instagram

33. This huge packaging for that small USB drive.

© Nice_Sandwich / reddit

34. Mini-sausages, again, individually wrapped in plastic.

© UndocumentedTuesday / reddit

35. Because that’s how precious potatoes are. Gotta protect them.

© Miyabi Charcoal / Twitter

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