17 Times People Put Blind Orders And Suffer The Hilarious Consequences

17 Times People Put Blind Orders And Suffer The Hilarious Consequences

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Online shopping has opened the door for many entrepreneurs, creative minds and busy people with opportunities to meet, shop and sell. The Internet has allowed e-commerce to become possible, eliminating the walls of distance and time. But with that, come people with the slightly malicious intent of selling things that are not really as how they may have been portrayed.

Yes, you might have shopped a really cheap item compared to when you found them in a shop. After placing the order and anticipating for the arrival, you learned the hard way to never place a blind order ever again.

And that’s why you’ll definitely relate with the others when it comes to disappointing results when shopping without background knowledge of the sellers or the product.

It’s the ScrabbLe game.

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Am I supposed to knit it myself?

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Winnie the scary Pooh face mask.

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This very unsatisfying protein bar.

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In an effort to surprise Mom, buyer deliberately put this note to be READ not PRINTED.

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And this is the ‘private balcony’.

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Some people just aren’t meant to touch flowers at all.

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She order boots online for Halloween costume and it came.

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It takes an effort to screw up this bad.

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“Views of the main church from the bedroom window.” Never specified which part of the church.

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This mutated, butchered Winnie the Pooh.

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Chocolate cake at the airport.

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It seemed too good to be true and did not waste the opportunity to disappoint.

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At less than $5, it’s pretty surprising they actually sent a mouse at all.

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So, would you like a XS, S, M, or L for your pool table?

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This totally misleading, exaggerated advertisement.

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Seriously, barber guy, you think this is funny?

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