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This Inflatable Shower Curtain Kicks You Out After 4 Minutes To Save Water


This Inflatable Shower Curtain Kicks You Out After 4 Minutes To Save Water

Let’s get stabbed at and save the world.

First off, it’s definitely not something you want to put up in your Airbnb’s homes. Not everyone has the same appreciation for nature as we do, no matter how funny the idea is. Even if the spikes are in their favorite colors.

On the flip side, your family might actually enjoy getting one of these curtains. They make showering more intense and thrilling as kids enjoy playing the game and adults will show more decency to not turn the shower into a karaoke bar. And it’s funny to just see the spikes go straight for the kill when it’s over 4 minutes.

From “My Shower Curtain is a Green Warrior”, bringing you… Spiky.

Elisabeth Buecher

‘Let me sing some more!’

Elisabeth Buecher

Elisabeth Buecher is a creative designer who wants to help people realize how important it is to remain green. She has designed another shower curtain that also inflates after 4 minutes, basically discourages long-time showering to help save water.

Elisabeth Buecher

Buecher writes on her site, “Spiky gives you 4 minutes under the water before its inflating spikes push you out of the shower. You can’t stand in the shower anymore because the spikes take all the available space. You have to get out and stop using too much water.”

Elisabeth Buecher

For those of you who are thinking about getting one of these, you’re out of luck.

“These curtains are not products but art installations. They aim at provoking a debate around water issues and making people more aware of their consumption.”

Now I don’t know where to spend my non-existent money on.

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