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Somebody Just Made A Spooky ‘IT’ Pennywise Balloon Lamp And Sells It For $37


Somebody Just Made A Spooky ‘IT’ Pennywise Balloon Lamp And Sells It For $37

It’s definitely not wise to get this for your kids. Or any suspicious clown.

‘It: Chapter 2’ is recently available in several countries and some people think it’s awesome, some people loved the prequel more, but we’re not here for that.

We’re here to tell you that now people are selling Pennywise’s balloon commercially. It’s not enough to be terrified of red balloons now – people actually want them functioning in their home.

Spooky, creepy, but terrific. Here is the product.

More info: Firebox

Pennywise Balloon Lamp

it pennywise balloon lamp 1

The product is listed of Firebox but it’s currently out of stock. It will definitely pique your interest to know it’s not just a gimmick – this lamp is actually licensed from ‘It’ according to the description.

it pennywise balloon lamp 2

They didn’t forget to put suitable descriptions for the 34-cm tall lamp that equally warns users of its evilness.

  • A terrifying twist on your usual home decor
  • Perfect for illuminating your local rain gutters
  • Relax knowing that an evil ancient clown is watching you
  • Contact the police if the balloon starts drifting away

The price of this is £29.99. Pretty affordable for a lamp doused with a clown that eats kids!

it pennywise balloon lamp 3 1

The lamp does NOT illuminate a Pennywise figure, though. So if you see one, definitely RUN.

it pennywise balloon lamp 5

The product description also adds: Terrify any poor guests to your home with this spooky lamp. A near-identical replica to the one from the films, this red balloon casts a surprisingly ambient glow over everything in the room. It would almost be relaxing if its presence didn’t indicate that you’re being watched by an evil clown.

Yup, definitely would love to see my guests starting to hallucinate about the naked grandma when the lamp is turned on.

it pennywise balloon lamp 6

“Are you a demonic, drain-dwelling ancient clown looking to hurt some children in Derry, Maine roughly every 27 years?”

Image result for pennywise balloon
Somebody Just Made A Spooky ‘IT’ Pennywise Balloon Lamp And Sells It For $37 15

Because if the answer is yes, you won’t be able to get this lamp. Never.

Otherwise, you can go pre-order the lamp as it will be stocked back by October 10.

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