30 Times People Act To Protect Nature Instead Of Just Talking About It

30 Times People Act To Protect Nature Instead Of Just Talking About It

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The world is dying, mass-extinction is starting and climate change is happening. Greta Thunberg stunned the world with her emotional speech of how adults should not be pushing the future generation to fix their problem. We fix our own problem and that can literally start now.

Just a few months ago, #trashtagchallenge has stirred a number of people, especially travelers who enjoy nature, to dedicate hours and even weeks to pick up trash in nature sites. Many startup companies focus on delivering a quality product that is based on recycled materials. Green Lemon has found 30 times people prove how amazing it is to just act on saving the earth.

1. Pencil made of recycled newspaper.


2. Pen made of recycled water bottles shows the silhouette of one.


3. Cafe offers 2 minutes of work to clean the beach for a free cup of hot drink.


4. In Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, the parking lot uses growing grass as lines instead of paint.


5. Don’t throw away your mascara! Wildlife refuge and sanctuaries can use them for a long of things after cleaning!


6. This hidden message on a ramen pot that encourages people to separate paper from plastic.


7. Carlsberg uses a special glue that keeps a pack of 6 tightly. Twist in a certain way to separate. Denmark saves 150 tons of plastic this way.


8. Ice cream cup made of banana leaves.


9. Poland has a bicycle path that glows in the dark at night after being charged by the sun during the day.

TPA Instytut Badań Technicznych Sp. z o.o.

10. Overripe bananas are sold with recipes to make banana bread.


11. This bracelet can be planted into wildflowers. (Keep native species in their native land to prevent invasive species)


12. You can refill soap on this stand at Simon Fraser University, Canada.


13. Rechargeable battery with micro USB slot.


14. Not a plastic cup! 100% compostable tumbler made of plant starch.


15. Wooden pencil has seeds so it can be planted as a tree when it’s too short.


16. Stone age notebook made of pulverized construction rock and non-toxic resin.


17. This university recycles paper and make notepads out of them to be handed out to students.


18. This Japanese toilet ha a sink on top of the toilet so you can reuse gray water.


19. A pack cigarette that comes with a postage-paid butt recycling pouch.


20. Ride those bikes to work out, save energy and stay fit at the same time.


21. Cardboard wraps recycled to replace bubble wraps.


22. Rainwater used to flush.


23. Supermarket provides paper bags instead of plastic to display and sell fresh produce.


24. A box of shoes that has a handle instead of a plastic bag.


25. This local bakery gives out unsold pastries and bread to people instead of throwing them away.


26. Single-use cutlery made from avocado seeds by Mexican company BioFase.


27. This bowling alley reused their old lanes and renovated their washrooms. Still looks, clean good and most importantly, green.


28. A local coffee shop that provides coffee compost.


29. Eco-friendly eggs packaging.

Maja Szczypek

30. Do you want a cool sketchbook? Here’s one that will keep you inspired – have a real circuit board for your cover for once.