25 Candid Comics That Draw Double Standard In Modern Society

25 Candid Comics That Draw Double Standard In Modern Society

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The world has made remarkable progress in shattering the glass to empower both men and women. Yet, there’s still an exhaustive list of all the double standards faced with. Being unfairly discriminated, shamed, and inconvenienced lingers in today’s world, and as it appears, it isn’t eradicating anytime soon. Precisely, women don’t have it easy. In many parts of the world, if a woman asserts her point of view, she’s considered too aggressive or perhaps illogical. Society has equally learned to blame women for their clothing, particularly when a man flirts with them. 

The same goes for men. In a situation when a man cries out or expresses emotions, he’s recognized as weak. Also, if a man happens to work from home and his wife regularly goes to the office, he’s often looked down upon. These remarks are frustrating and have undeniably led hundreds of people into depression. It’s downright harmful to treat people differently based on their body type, sexuality, religion, age, and gender. But as long as you live as a human in this modern-day world, being subjected to double standards remains inevitable. To address how double standard is affecting us all, artists have started up a conversation using illustrations. They might leave you thinking! Have a look.


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