Woman Recreates Pinterest Fashion To Highlight The Double Standard

Woman Recreates Pinterest Fashion To Highlight The Double Standard

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What makes those outfits you see on Pinterest and Instagram so desirable? Viral TikTok user Brooklyn Allen has the answer: a flat stomach!

The 23-year-old took to TikTok to address how society always seems to have different opinions on outfits because of the person wearing, not the fashion.

The Taurus, avid plus-size fashion leader, shared how Pinterest ideas outfits look on a fat person.


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In her third video on Pinterest fashion, she reminded people, “This is not a personal attack against anyone on what I will be talking about today.”

“But if you see this as one, maybe think about that.”


In her third video, she tried on three different combinations on herself. While doing so, she decided to address why these outfits don’t look as fancy as they do on these models.

“I’m missing the key accessory that makes these outfits so desirable and perfect to society, and that is a flat stomach.”


She first started recreating these Pinterest outfits about two weeks ago. Soon, she noticed how people had different opinions on exactly the same style when worn by someone with a plus-size body. It didn’t help that Pinterest is a popular platform where people would only see your typical lean, slim, perfect body portrayed.


Brooklyn no longer likes hearing the word ‘flattering’ as it almost always means how fat women had worn in a way that conceals their extra fat.

In a previous Pinterest video, she addresses how slim women are praised, yet, plus-size people are ridiculed for wearing the exact same style.


TikTok has served as an amazing place for people to find support with each other, regardless of their body shape!

Body positivity is a movement that requires people to always be actively talking about it. Brooklyn shares that being on TikTok had allowed her to meet many of those who support and gain a solid following of people who share the same ideas.

Or simply people who love the way she dresses!


She also brought the topic over to Instagram and wrote, “I don’t see this topic over here enough and I think this is something I want to respectfully share with everyone!”

“I want to respectfully share with everyone! I do not mean this in a mean/bitter way.”

“I just want to address fatphobia in fashion and uplift my fellow plus size ladies while doing so,” she concluded.

The TikTok video had been viewed for more than 1 million times and liked 323k times.

Her TikTok had grown with 60k followers now.

She just wants fashion to become ‘available’ for bodies of all sizes, not just the ideal with a flat stomach, slightly smaller chests, and average heights.