45 Candid Illustrations Depict The Double Standards In Our Society

45 Candid Illustrations Depict The Double Standards In Our Society

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The world’s double standards are making people sick. Seriously, why is that people are judging things that woman and men do differently? Green Lemon wants to stop that bring on equality through these hilarious illustrations compiled by BoredPanda on world’s double standards.

1. Female transformer?

2. One bra away.

3. You are…

4. Jesus, Bob, that fat is obscene.

5. Exact same situation, but people still think they’re different.

6. Game armor equality.

7. Appropriate workplace greetings.

8. This man has never heard of Batgirl.

9. Cosplay rule.

10. Parenting perspective from outsiders in a nutshell.

11. Stop judging and start actually listening.

12. Why can’t we love food in peace?

13. Not everyone should have the same fashion sense as you.

14. Stereotyping math.

15. The only way.

16. Makeup.

17. Dress appropriately.

18. Plump and love handles.

19. Let her shout.

20. It’s always a good thing for them, not the women.

21. Pro-life.

22. What women can’t do on Summer.

23. She is always in the wrong.

24. When being busty is a sin in and of itself.

25. THIS.

26. Because guys should be tough, experienced and muscular.

27. Dad bods and moms, both with the same flab.

28. Sexual harassment is never her fault!

29. Cute vs. Creep.

30. Only the wusses.

31. All the woman standards.

32. Just a comic book character.

33. Women and their ‘sexist cries’.

34. Equality.

35. Stupid… right?

36. The issue this world has…

37. She’s unacceptable.

38. Men’s nipples.

39. Men shouldn’t act ‘like women’.

40. Women in workplace.

41. Texting, emojis and men.

42. Finding happiness.

43. Women are never wrong.

44. Same difference.

45. Every since feminism is more of a thing…