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23 Shy Animals That Make Us Want To Hug Them


23 Shy Animals That Make Us Want To Hug Them

Sheesh, humans can’t stop with their cameras!

We don’t deserve pets. We don’t deserve any of these adorable animals and they should be protected at all costs. Did you know that animals can feel shy as well? Inside the same species, every single one of them can have different personalities with some being more outgoing than the others.

Green Lemon found some of these pictures of animals caught in their shyness. How can one not be able to shower them with love with those big loving eyes and such a cute demeanor?

1. Um, are you sure I look good enough?

© mamekoro51 / Twitter

2. I hope the grass is tall enough to hide me.

© Aproposofwetsnow / Imgur

3. Please stop staring at me!

© xouns / reddit

4. Y-Yes, I’ll be your furever.

© Sssneakysnek / Imgur

5. Is this time for a hug?

© Aspencer80 / imgur

6. Oh, noes, you’ve take so many pictures of me!

© Surfvvax / Imgur

7. I’m not hiding! I’m, um, sunbathing in here.

© MackTheHunter / reddit

8. So, can we play now?

© Splahh / Imgur

9. Oh my… this is so embarrassing.

© Kkc118 / Imgur

10. Do you really, really love me?

© Thealwaysbeliever / Imgur

11. The outside world is too much for me.

© sykoprincess / reddit

12. I’m really a good boy?

© Catsdogsnferrets / Imgur

13. Ah, hi. I’m obviously not hiding.

© porkchopsandbeer / Reddit

14. Oh, um, hi, hooman! Can you please close the lid back?

© Rbtmchl / Imgur

15. Stop staring at me so much, Karen.

© hvprohop23 / reddit

16. I told you I’m not good with pictures!

© Aylaviere / Imgur

17. Okay, we’ll hold hand when no one’s around.

© Ahamedzahir / Imgur

18. Stay with me!

© Touchpadking / Imgur

19. I want more cuddles.

© BooyahBoos / Imgur

20. Why would you take this picture of me…

© unknown author / reddit

21. If I can’t see anyone, no one can see me either.

© Sokoleo / reddit

22. Hooman, there is too many people here.

© Chelsiwelsi / Imgur

23. Oh, no. I’m caught unguarded.

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