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Husky Abandoned For Looking Like A Bad Taxidermy Finally Finds Forever Home


Husky Abandoned For Looking Like A Bad Taxidermy Finally Finds Forever Home

Who else is tearing up?

Can you assist adorable Jubilee to find the loving/forever home she deserves?

The 4-Year-Old Husky is presently staying at a rescue shelter ‘Husky House’ in New Jersey. The Adorable Jubilee was neglected by her breeder who revealed he couldn’t sell the dog because of her appearance.

It’s evident that Jubilee sure appears a little different from every other normal husky. Her eyes are closer together, giving her a slightly worried expression.

In all, she’s truly a lovely dog in need of a home. Jubilee needs a true friend that will look past her abnormal face and give her a second chance.

More Info: Husky House | Facebook

‘My name is Jubilee, 4. A female husky who has been living with Husky House for a very long time. I am from a breeder, who couldn’t sell me because he said I appear like bad taxidermy. Huskies are majestic dogs, and I don’t know why I don’t look like my cats. I wish I was beautiful enough, so someone would want me to be their dog,’ The rescue shelter wrote.

The Shelter continued: ‘I like dogs, but I dislike cats. I love people so much, but I can be a bit shy because people sometimes laugh at my look. Don’t you want a hilarious looking husky? I wish I had a family of my own who could love.’

The Shelter further revealed Jubilee has been taken to the vet for a thorough checkup. ‘It’s because she looks so different and I guess they had just felt they couldn’t sell her out. We have taken her to the vet and she was thoroughly checked. It doesn’t infringe on any of her daily activities. Jubilee was born this way. She’s a happy, playful husky dog.’

Nevertheless, Jubilee has been with the Husky House for almost two years and hasn’t still found a forever home. Despite getting a load of attention on the internet, the Husky House hasn’t received many adoption applications.

What are you waiting for? Help Husky Jubilee!

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