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Lonely Husky Picked Out Her Own Shelter Kitten To Take Home Forever


Lonely Husky Picked Out Her Own Shelter Kitten To Take Home Forever

Adorable friendship established!

A Tamaskan Husky Pup, Raven recently expressed his desire for a friend to grow up with, so her human mom Christina took her to a shelter in Lubbock, Texas to get for herself the needed best-friend.

‘For a very long time, I had wanted a dog and a cat to grow up with. It’s like a life goal for me. I also wanted them to get along so well. So I wanted raven to meet with the cat and have the cat get along with Raven as well,’ Owner Christina told The Dodo.

Presented with 4 kittens, none of the kittens indicated much interest in Raven, except a fluffball named Woodhouse. Realizing Woodhouse’s interest in Raven, the cute kitten didn’t only get herself a best friend but also got a forever home. A year has, however, passed and still, the duo remains inseparable.

Christina added: ‘They are just too perfect for each other. Although they don’t cuddle as much as they used to when they were a kitten and a puppy. They are always together, playing together.’

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Husky Raven Was Taken To A Shelter By Owner To Select Her Own Kitty

Raven Was Offered 4 Kittens And None Of Them Showed Much Interest, Except This Kitty

Named Woodhouse, The Pair Connected The Moment They Saw Each Other

Woodhouse Didn’t Only Get A Best Friend, But Also A Home

A Year Has Passed And The two Are Inseparable!

They Assist Each Other In Bathing

And Enjoy Comfortable Naps

‘They Are Just Too Perfect For Each Other.’ Owner Christina Said

Woodhouse And Raven Celebrate Their Birthdays Together!

‘For A Very Long Time, I Had Wanted A Dog And A Cat To Grow Up With. It’s Like A Life Goal For Me’

‘Although They Don’t Cuddle As Much As They Used To When They Were A Kitten And A Puppy’

‘Still Always Together’

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