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Helen The Blind, Lonely, And Ignored Bison By All Other Animals Has Found A New Friend, Oliver


Helen The Blind, Lonely, And Ignored Bison By All Other Animals Has Found A New Friend, Oliver

What’s your opinion on Helen and Oliver’s bond?

Let introduce you to Helen!

She’s a blind, lonely and neglected Bison, who’ve spent several years at Oregon’s Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary without a single friend. Nervous, suspicious and destined to live out the rest of her life sad and lone, Helen has finally found Oliver, a new true friend.

The little Jersey calf (Oliver) has managed to break all of the barriers that Helen had constructed around herself due to curiosity. Helen came to trust Oliver and now they are best friends.

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Presently, the pair stand inseparable and Helen seem to have adopted Oliver. Surprisingly, Oliver’s fur has changed colors as he grew older, matching with that of Helen.

Speaking to USA Today, Lighthouse Sanctuary’s Gwen Jakubisin said: ‘He’s actually turned into a baby buffalo. The change in her demeanor is totally incredible and her joy is palpable.’

She added: ‘Oliver’s mom (Besty) drops Oliver off at daycare and roams around. Helen watches over him and she’s super cool with that. I caught them grooming each other, which was truly amazing. I don’t think Helen has ever had that chance of expressing that motherly attributes before now.’

The powerful bond shared between the pair has undoubtedly brought Helen out of her comfort zone, giving her more confidence to go and be friends with other animals within the sanctuary.

Image Credits: lighthousefarmsanctuary

However, the sanctuary is designed to rescue and rehabilitate neglected and abused farmed animals.  Over 200 animals, including sheep, goats, horses, pigs, cows, and chickens, according to the sanctuary website, are housed and taken care of.

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