Toddler Best Friends Hug Like They Haven’t Seen Each Other For Years While It’s Actually Just Been 2 Days

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The busy nature of human activities in the 21st century has made it quite difficult for some of us to remember how and when we have seen the people that are close to our hearts. Sometimes, months go by without us seeing our loved ones because we are busy trying to make a good living.

Children, on the other hand, have been known for their pure heart and truthfulness to their feelings. They purely follow their hearts, a lifestyle which several lessons can be drawn from by us adults.

The heartwarming video was shared by Maxwell’s father Michael Cisneros. Finnegan and his friend Maxwell couldn’t stay apart for just two days.

Maxwell and his best friend Finnegan obviously missed each other after two days apart

This was the scenario when the video of two best friends hugging each other in a heart touching way went viral. The two friends who haven’t seen themselves for just two days were captured running towards each other and giving themselves a very warm hug as though they haven’t seen each other in ages.

The emotional moment created by these two years old kids has melted several hearts over the internet. It is, thus, noteworthy to share this with friend and family as it can trigger some level of care and concern for each other in our hearts.

According to Cisneros, the two kids who have become inseparable have known themselves for a year. He revealed that whenever they are apart, they often ask for each other.

Several internet users’ hearts have been captured by the video of two toddler friends hugging each other

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